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RUNKO GROUP produces and distributes roundwood, timber, finished parts for furniture industry and cleft dry birch firewood. 

Roundwood production and distribution

RUNKO GROUP produces roundwood of broadleaved (aspen, birch) and coniferous (spruce, pine) species. All roundwood forest products which are not used on its own production lines are primarily distributed on the Russian market.

RUNKO GROUP is the main supplier of the cellulose and paper plants in Leningrad region. The production is also delivered to the Chinese and European markets. RUNKO GROUP’s production is transported by road, as well as in containers by rail or water transport.


Timber and furniture elements production and distribution

RUNKO GROUP produces dry and dressed lumber of various sections and lengths that are divided by sorts according to contracts demands for delivery or according to the technical specifications of the customer. The company also produces furniture elements of any humidity made of birch raw materials. End product is distributed on the domestic and foreign markets under long-term agreements and contracts (England, China, Baltic countries). 

Firewood production and distribution

RUNKO GROUP uses mainly birch and alder in firewood production. The production process consists of splitting, stoving and packaging: in boxes and mesh of different sizes. Firewood is primarily distributed on the Russian market – Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region as well as to England, Norway, Sweden and Finland. 


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