A group of companies that unites logging and timber processing companies, the formation of which began in 1995 with a small logging company. RUNKO GROUP operates in three main areas: production and distribution of sawn timber and rough-sawn stock for the furniture industry, logging and distribution of round timber, production and distribution of firewood and briquettes.

The main delivery destinations of the products are Russia – St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, England, and China. The company also supplies its products to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Italy and the USA. The basis of the raw material stock of RUNKO GROUP is made of the long-term lease of forests in the North-West of Russia – the Leningrad Region: in the Kirishsky, Kirovsky, Tosnensky, Volkhovsky Districts. And also in the Novgorod Region: Chudovsky and Malovishersky Districts.  
Logging and timber processing companies, being part of RUNKO GROUP, have FSC™ certificates: Trust Forest (FSC-C112772, FSC-C124968), LesExpo (FSC-C112773), Progress (FSC-C134702), Kirishi Forest (FSC-C134780), “Chudovo” lumber company (FSC-C150830), LLC "Levada" (FSC-C145342).


Runko Group pursues an active social policy and regularly carries out environmental protection activities. 
Among the main areas of focus there are: 
- Supply of firewood and timber to the local population for the construction of small settlements and villages located on leased forest plots with large discounts, and to the veterans of war, siege survivors and home front workers – free of charge
- Maintenance of roads for the delivery of firewood, groceries and the passage of ambulances. This allows the residents of remote settlements to stay connected with the outside world
Annual planting of pine and spruce seedlings at the area of 500-600 hectares for the purpose of forest regeneration
- Organization of fire prevention measures: creation and renewal of fire barrier lines, maintenance of fire extinguishing teams in the operational readiness, provision of necessary equipment for fire-fighting equipment stations, and patrolling during the fire-hazardous period
- Improvement of leased territories, fighting against illegal landfills.



blt. 19, Naberezhnaya r. Neva 187340, Kirovsk, Leningradskay obl., Russia
Wood processing complex
Tikhoritsy, Leningradskaya oblast